Friday, 31 July 2015

Clicks Speak

Sounak Sarkar a photographer shares his views and experience of dealing constantly with images.   

Images have always fascinated me. Their colors, shapes and forms added a new dimension to my eyes when I started photography a few years back with a simple DSLR. With time I realized that this is it. I was always in to it but could not recognized it properly before. And on that particular moment I told myself that photography would be my ultimate destination.

As a freelance photographer I am always in search of subjects that interest me. The best part of this profession is that one can express his mind out through lens. If the photographer is determined to find the best shot, then the moment would surely appear before him. All one need is perseverance. The shots are always around you, the camera has to find out it only. 

In pursuit of excellence I began to try my hand out everywhere. There were days when I used to shot almost whatever I saw. It was hard but the amount of joy of reaching a ‘perfect shot’ was enormous.
Live Photography
After doing a diploma from a renowned photography institute in Kolkata in 2009 I decided to turn my passion for images into profession. Now-a-days I cover a number of rock concerts and other events. I am doing video shoots too. I have already worked with rock bands like TRAP and Bharatbarsh. I am also attached with the Echoes studio. I do enjoy variety but my personal favorites are portraits and candid photography.  

Faces have always intrigued me. Every face tells a story and the challenge is to translate that through lens. Today I am ready to take that challenge. Success or failure doesn’t matter. It’s a constant learning process. The more you try the more you learn. 

People often get scared of the uncertainty and risks involved  with a photographer’s life. But I think that this very risk factor attracts individuals to this profession. The attraction of expression, the joy of capturing the truth. It’s really inspiring.
Photography has taught me that it’s about being present at the right place at the right moment. That makes life easier for all. I may sound a bit philosophical, but trust me that’s the way of doing it.  

The writer is a freelance photographer 

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