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Suchishree Roy: Musician with a Difference

Aitrayee Sarkar in a chat with musician Suchishree Roy.
Informal yet gripping. What it takes to find your footing in a city which has less heart now-a-days. The answer is a big mystery. Perhaps this article would give you some clue.

The story of singer and film director Suchishree Roy began at Chuchura or Chinsuah, a modest township near Kolkata originally built by the Portuegese traders along the bank of the Hooghly River. Apparently, Suchishree was no different than any other small-town girl. But her dreams were somewhat more lively than others. She just loved to sing and dared to dream.  
A recent performance
Suchishree as a child wanted to be a doctor—a doctor who treats human hearts. Fortunately, she has become one who still deals delicately with heart through her musical abilities. After years of struggle today Suchishree has made a unique place for herself in the arena of Indian classical music. She has a dedicated fan following not only in Kolkata circuit but also in Bangladesh.

Throughout her carrier Suchishree came across many great artists like Pandit Kumar Prasad Mukhopadhyay, Reba Muhuri, Pandit Manas Chakraborty, and Arun Bhaduri and many more. She did her first music concert in Spain in 2003.   

Suchishree always speaks about the support that her parents and later her husband offered her all the time. She also frankly talks about rejection. Rejections that she had to face at the beginning of her career from “very close relatives” whom she once approached for letting her a little space in their Kolkata house so that she could try her luck in the city. Nevertheless, that’s part of the game. Isn’t it!

Now, Suchishree has a large extended family in Kolkata with three dogs and one bird. The joy of loving them has somehow transformed into her work. They not only inspire her but also give her the much needed corner of relief in her busy daily schedule. Beside music Suchishree is now involved in editorial board of a Bengali magazine Kali O Kolom.  

The singer has already made a documentary, Thungri, on the history and changing face of this particular form of Indian classical music. The film would be formally screened in India soon. Her solo album, Reflections, has received critical acclaim as well as loved by general music lovers. 

Making of Thungri

Diversity in Suchishree’s work is really surprising. A singer, a film director and a social worker, tirelessly fighting for animal rights. The list would surely amaze many. And that’s where Suchishree stands out in the crowd. She has never let herself squeezed in to a particular profession. She continuously transformed herself from one role to another. But of course music remained her first love. According to Suchishree “anything other than music has actually contributed largely into my overall journey as a singer”. It’s a dynamic and interactive process, she strongly feels.

WebPressClub caught up with the musician recently and had a candid conversation with Suchishree Roy about her music, life and film. She shared her experiences with us. Lets here the Sound of Music.  

The writer is an editor of WebPressClub

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