Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Delight to Life

Photographer Debarshi Sarkar pens down his passion for lens. The beginning of his love for frame and transition into the profession     

To me lens means a perception rather than a mere instrument. Creating the frame in mind before the final click is more important than anything else. One needs to gather information and frame the image first on basis of the nature of the subject and its surroundings. It’s a continuous process that a photographer’s eyes go through even in times when he is not capturing anything. That’s the most interesting part of photography. 

Debarshi in search of light

I was initially attracted to photography from my habit of writing poems. It’s a satisfying transition for me. It’s a fact that all the mediums of expression are interconnected with each other in some way or the other. A continuous exchange takes place among them. For me it was a gradual transition. And one day I realized that the eternal allegories of poetry have been seeking life through my lens and that feeling absorbed me completely. On that particular moment I became conscious of the fact that a new genesis has started within by mind. That’s how my pursuit for photography has begun.    

Honestly, it all started with my affection for camera. But I never imagined that one day I would become a professional photographer. Later, I told myself that there is nothing wrong in taking up your passion as profession. That’s how the armature Debarshi became a professional photographer. I consider myself extremely lucky to get the opportunity of looking at the world from a third dimension. 
The suspicious death

I love street and fine art photography more but as a professional advertisement and fashion photography is my forte. However, I am always ready to contribute in meaningful projects. Yes I am a bit choosy; but choice is the word that actually brought me to this profession. So I guess the freedom to make a genuine choice is there in offer. I would suggest all to listen to your heart while choosing your profession. You’ll come across thousands of ways that would mislead you. But trust me there would be one that would be the chosen path for you. All one needs to do is to select that right path only.   

At the conclusion I would like to announce that figuring out the right frame is a divine feeling to all the photographers. I wish to reach such moments every day in my life. That's where I want to see myself in future. 

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