Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Radha: In Search of Love

Special Correspondent ● Kolkata: Radha: A Love in Eternity—the name says it all. Photographer Swapan Nayak is here to stun all with his monochromatic works based on the philosophical journey of Radha’s love as described in the famous Vaishnava Padabali literature of India. The exhibition is taking place at the Harrington Street Arts Centre (Kolkata) and would continue till 31st August (from 12 pm- 7 pm daily). 
Nayak with his lens has created a sense of mystery and aura using various phases of love like Purbaraga, Avisara, Sambhog, Kalahantarok, Mathur etc. Each mood of eternal love has been represented by different frames. The minimalist approach of the work is impressive.  

Mathur: as envisaged by Nayak

Nayak, a former photojournalist, told us that it took him more than three years to curate the whole exhibition. He traveled to various corners of North and North-East India in search of perfect frames for this particular series only.
The most interesting part of Nayak’s work is perhaps the way he used natural elements, especially trees, to manifest the emotions. The purity of light and shadow is another noted feature of Nayak’s photographs. The grandeur is there but it never overshadows the clarity of vision. Overall the exhibition is indeed a story that has been narrated perfectly by the photographer.
The city would look forward to host and witness more such creative works by people like Swapan Nayak who has already thrown a tough challenge to many contemporary photographers with his unconventional style of portrayal.

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