Sunday, 23 August 2015

Raja: Soul and Survival

Aitrayee Sarkar revisits Raja recited by Shaoli Mitra. Time has changed but eternity can take you to a journey that makes one recognize his real self.     

Kolkata-based publishing house, Saptarshi Prakashan is known for presenting unconventional yet traditional albums. Raja, a Tagore drama, is one of the remarkable works delivered by the publishing house in recent years.  The album is a solo recitation and acting of the play by famous theatre personality of Bengal, Shaoli Mitra. It perfectly complements the saying “The human soul has its inner drama which is just the same as anything else that concerns man”. 

Shaoli Mitra with her magical smile
Raja as we all know is a journey towards inner-light through pain and eternal darkness. It portrays the never ending struggle between our outer and inner being. Shaoli Mitra’s intriguing voice perfectly creates the mood and ambiance for that. Her voice represents the allegorical conflict among Suranjana, Surangama and Raja in a majestic manner. She takes the listener’s breath away with dialogues like “Tomar kache ki andhakar bole kichu nei!" (does the darkness never exist for you!) or “Ei amar raja, amar andhakarer raja” (this is my king, the king of darkness) and many more. Secondary characters like Thakurda, Madhav and Kanchiraj have been made realistic yet dramatic through magical voice modulation by Mitra. 

A Tagore drama cannot be imagined without songs. In Raja music becomes the protagonist instead of playing a support-cast. It begins with “Momo chitte nite nritye” and goes on with a synchronized chorus be Tarit Bhattacharya, Ranjini Mukhopadhyay, Durba Singha Chowdhury, Arup Manna and Hirak Mukhopadhyay. Solo songs sung by Shaoli Mitra add the real magic to the whole album. Music director of the album Tarit Bhattacharya and his musicians have also given a soulful performance.

Those who have seen Shaoli Mitra performing Raja on the stage can certainly revisit those moments through this album. Nostalgia is the essence of time. Come and let’s experience that again with Raja.

Saptarshi Prakashan

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