Sunday, 4 October 2015

Internet Protest Over Engineer Death Gathers Steam

Our CorrespondentDhanbad: Protest over the alleged murder of Saurabh Kumar, a 31-year old senior supervisor of Indian Railways, has exploded over the internet with support coming in from all over the world. 

Saurabh’s partly decomposed body was found at his Kharagpur quarters on 22 September but was not investigated for 10 days. The body also had head and burn injuries, and blood all over. The police reportedly filed a case of unnatural death from snake bite. Saurabh is said to have refused to pass tenders in exchange of bribes.

Following huge pressure from rights groups and online activists, railway minister Suresh Prabhu, has taken a break from re-tweeting Swachh Bharat pictures at railway stations and ordered a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to Saurabh’s death. 

Saurabh’s family in Bihar’s Hajipur was wary of justice which eluded them since his death. But they now have hope with CBI taking up the case.  

Saurabh's father told newspersons: "For the last two-three months Saurabh had been telling us he was under pressure at work. We were worried." He was an engineer from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Sindri. His friends say that Saurabh was an honest officer and likely to have fallen foul of the rail scrap mafia and local railway contractors. Saurabh, incidentally, was in charge of the metal scarp warehouse at Kharagpur.  

Saurabh, however, isn’t the first timer when an upright government official had to pay the ultimate price for honesty. It’s the latest in the series that saw DK Ravi and Satyendra Dubey, who were allegedly killed by the mafia.

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