Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mid Air Mystery

Special CorrespondentDubai: In a shocking discovery a prominent Middle East air line company came to know that one of its air hostess have been having sex with traveling passengers in the mid-air regularly.

After caught red-handed in a flight recently, she revealed that she used to charge more than £ 1000 from each passenger for selling sex. In fact, the air hostess has already earned more than £ seven lakh by doing that, sources informed. She prefers long flights to cater that need. 

When asked whether it was an act for additional earning only, the air hostess disclosed that beside financial gains it helped her to satisfy her physical desires, too, amid a continuous busy schedule. Reports say, such incidents are rampant in Japan. Air hostesses often have sex with passengers as well as crew members there for additional earning and for companionship. 

Modern psychologists have always termed sex as a major stress buster. The air hostess incident has proved that once again.

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