Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sino-Bengal Wrestling to Capture Diwali Sky

Special CorrespondentKolkata: The fireworks manufacturers of West Bengal have concentrated more on producing hot air balloons or Fanush, considering its high demand ahead of diwali this year. Being inspired by the Babu culture of the 19th century Bengal the makers went back to the days of balloons to challenge the Chinese fireworks spread all over the market in Kolkata and suburb. 

After restriction over use of various traditional sound-making fireworks the city has grabbed the opportunity of illuminating the skyline with ignited balloons. Manufacturers said that the demand for such balloons began to show its impact on the market from last year’s diwali and they have geared up themselves pretty early this year, anticipating similar demand. Besides the local manufacturers firms from Tamil Nadu have been so far dominating the balloon market in Kolkata and its neighbourhood. But recently online balloon sellers from China have been giving them a tough time ahead. Though price of Chinese balloons are on the higher side but Kolkata’s young and busy generation is preferring those instead of shopping in  local firework markets. The online buyers said, the Chinese balloons are better in terms of quality than the local ones. Those are cost effective too if compared with other traditional fireworks produced by local manufacturers here, they added.

Unlike the local firework markets like Nilgunj and Nungi etc around Kolkata the Chinese balloons are made of better quality paper. Such a high quality production is impossible for local manufacturers.

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