Sunday, 15 November 2015

Paris Attacks: Aftermath

WPC News Desk : The French agencies have informed that three groups have carried out attacks in Paris on Friday (13 November) separately, leaving about 150 dead. The French Police have already confirmed identity of one nabbed in connection with the attacks. The suspect is a regular offender who lives in Paris. Another attacker, Omar Ismail Mostafa, has been caught with a Syrian passport. Police have detained Mostafa along with his family members.

Prayer continues for Paris 

Now the French authorities have been looking to figure out source of funding in to the attack. 

Meanwhile, the Belgian Police have nabbed three French nationals while crossing over the France-Belgium border in wee hours on Saturday (14 November). Belgian Police have been questioning them to find whether they have any connection with the Paris attacks.

Paris, however, has been trying to get over from the shock of one of the most deadly attacks took place in the city after the Second World War. Indian cook Arijit Mohanty, who runs a small Asian restaurant near the Triangle de Choisy, told WPC over phone that the Asian living in Paris are fearing a random crack down over some communities of the city, just similar to what happened in the US after the 9/11 attacks. He, however, has not forgotten to mention that one who loves Paris would never be able to strike it so bad. Those who unleashed the attacks were not true citizens of Paris, he added.

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