Monday, 2 November 2015

Singapore Tops Global Health Rankings

WPC News Desk : Recent data of World Health Organisation, World Bank and United Nations has revealed that Singapore is the most health conscious country of the world. Unfortunately, India ranks 103rd in the list, slightly ahead of a few African nations.

Health is wealth
The Bloomberg ranking says, nationals of Singapore are mostly healthy in nature. They maintain a healthy food habit and exercise regularly. Italy and Australia come second and third in the ranking respectively.

Mainly Asian and European countries have dominated the ranking while neither North nor South American states got any entry in that. Surprisingly, Britain ranks 21st in the list following Belgium, Ireland and Norway. Israel is the only representative of the Middle-East among the first ten nations. The list ends with African countries like Congo and Mozambique which are suffering from extreme malnutrition. 

Smoking, lack of immunity and high body Cholesterol content etc are mostly responsible for degrading average health index in many countries.  

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