Saturday, 7 November 2015

Skin Care Tips for WInter

With winter just round the corner, Sarojini Agarwal offers some easy tips to take care for your skin, in the months ahead 

There’s already a nip in the air and the people have started bringing their woolens from the laundry. Morning walkers are sweating less and the ceiling fans are running at a much slower speed. In about a month’s time, cities in northern India would be recording their lowest temperatures of the season.

Your skin is the first casualty of the dipping mercury. It begins to get tight, dull, dry, itchy and irritated. In summer months, the humidity in the air provides the moisturiser for your skin. But in winter, the cold air sucks all the moisture, leading to a lack of vitamins that cause skin problems. Those living in colder places face the harsh winter winds that keep them indoors for long periods. The low humidity air level which keeps your skin shiny, fresh, and healthy, dries the natural oils that lead to dehydration.

When you venture outdoors, you have to face the harsh weather. But when you come inside, you have to stay near the warmer areas. Both these conditions demand that you take extra care of your skin. Here are some tips to take care of your skin in the winter.

Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier helps to increase the moisture levels in the air and it will result in a less dry skin. You can use one in your bedroom in the night for reducing the dryness. But before using one, it’s important that you clearly understand the instructions written in the booklet. 

Bathe in lukewarm water

Taking a hot shower in the winter days is both relaxing and romantic. But it’s important to know that if you prefer to immerse yourself in a tub full of hot water or take showers more than you need, you are more likely to develop skin irritation, dryness and other winter allergies. Nevertheless, there’s a natural remedy that can give your skin protection from the side effects of hot water bathing. Mix a cup or two of baking soda in the water and then bathe. It’ll help you to greatly combat skin dryness. 

Drink sufficient water

A cold and breezy weather usually doesn’t make you feel thirsty. But that doesn’t mean you will reduce the amount of water you normally drank in the summer months. Both your skin and body will be dehydrated if you do so. Water is very important for your body. Drinking the proper quantity of water everyday would keep your skin healthy.   

Your hands and feet

Hands and feet and the most ignored parts of the body that are left exposed to the reckless winter winds. If you wash them with cold water in the day, it will make the skin dryer. Take proper care of them. Use moisturising creams to keep hydrate your hands and feet. Wash them properly with lukewarm water. People living in places where the mercury drops sharply, must wear gloves and socks to protect the hands and feet from chapped skin.   
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