Friday, 19 February 2016

Dolly's Nurturing Tea Culture in Kolkata

Our CorrespondentKolkata: Dolly’s has been playing a pivotal role in shaping up the cultural space of Kolkata from 28 long years. It came into life with the idea of creating a place for adda in South Kolkata. Today it may seem a little wired but imagine the city two decades ago when there was very little number of places to visit for holding adda. And Dolly’s at Dakshinapan was a real to revelation then.

The most significant aspect of Dolly’s is that it sells total 90 varieties of tea. It’s a tea lover’s hotspot. One can spend hours chatting and testing a wide range of beast quality teas along with small palettes of  food. Thus they celebrate life with a tea-sing twist.

Dolly's has now giving opportunity to visitors to read books also. You can read and buy books from there. All these aspects came into focus during the 'Chayer Utsov' (tea festival) held at City Center One in early February. 

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