Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bengal Chamber Kicks Off Cyber Insurance Campaign

Our CorrespondentKolkata: With internet security threats burgeoning each passing day, cyber insurance has emerged as an important measure to mitigate the risks and is being increasingly adopted globally.  The Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCC&I), launched a cyber security campaign for citizens of the city recently, in this regard.

Ambarish Dasgupta, president, BCC&I, said: “Experts are still carrying out research on cyber insurance, which has already been adopted by many organisations.” 

BCC&I has published ‘A Thought Paper on Cyber Security’, to reach simple strategies on being more secure in the digital space, to the masses,

Arnab Basu, chairperson, emerging technologies committee, said: “Cyber security is a multidimensional problem that transcends the risk management and response capabilities of various communities like technology, law enforcement, defence, public policy and business.”

 “Cyber security is a burning issue not just in India, but globally as well. Digital threats are abundant, and individuals and corporations alike need to be careful with confidential information to make sure it is not hacked into, or misused,” Dasgupta added.

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