Saturday, 11 June 2016

June to Exploit Men in Romantic Noy

For the first time in her career, June Malia is all set to play a dark character in Romantic Noy. In a candid chat with Aritra Singha, she tells us what to expect from the film

Aritra: Your character in Romantic Noy reportedly has shades of William Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth. How similar or different it will be from the original?

June: The main difference is that Lady Macbeth’s ambition centred around her husband whereas my character in the film is exploitative in nature. The similarity is that both are very polished from the outside but their inner soul is just the opposite. The film also stars Saheb Bhattacharjee, Sayani Datta and Parthasarathi Chakraborty among others. It explores the dark underbelly of male prostitution in Kolkata.

Aritra: Why did you choose such a character?

June: Well, I never played such a character before. The script is very realistic. You will find a lot of similarity between the characters in the film and people around us. There are many scripts that border on the absurd. They don’t appeal to me. But scripts that revolve around our daily life are the ones that interest me. 

June (left), Saheb (centre) and Sayani at the launch of the film
Aritra: You are a very romantic person in real life. Does your character have any shades of romanticism?

June: No not all. The film’s name says it all. Yes, I am extremely romantic in real life (sighs) and that’s exactly the reason why I liked this character. It’s very easy to express or portray what you are. But it’s very challenging to portray what you are not. That’s why I took up the challenge.

Aritra: You said that the character you play may be linked with the modern day escort system.

June: Yes, to an extent. But not fully. In most cases women are forced to come to this profession just for the easy money. However, my character in the film is not forced to enter the trade. Rather, it’s her nature to exploit men.

Aritra: How has been the experience of working with a debutant director?

June: Rajib (Chowdhury) is an old friend and it feels great to work with him. I have seen him as assistant director and am sure he will emerge as a good director. He has the blessings of director Sandip Ray who has promised him all help.

Aritra: How about working with Saheb, Sayani and Parthasarathi? 

June: All of them are great actors. I am extremely excited to work with them. Their roles are very challenging. Saheb plays a small town youth. Many people come to Kolkata from the villages to realise their dreams. They are completely new to the city and easily fall prey to people like the character I play in the film. Sayani plays Saheb’s love interest. Parthasarathi plays a boy who considers himself a girl. It looks comical at first, but as the film progresses, it becomes a serious issue. There are many boys who can’t even come out and breathe properly being afraid of the society. They are mocked and jeered. In our society we have marked certain actions exclusively for women and if any man shows these traits, they are called effeminate. Caring is usually associated with women but where is it written that men can’t show a similar attitude? Saheb is an absolute prankster on sets. Rajesh (Sharma) plays a very important role in the film.

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